BSB Trivia 2! try to defete your fellow BSB fans

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BSB Trivia 2! try to defete your fellow BSB fans Empty BSB Trivia 2! try to defete your fellow BSB fans

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BSB Trivia 2! try to defete your fellow BSB fans
« Thread Started on Feb 5, 2007, 21:54 »

------ UPDATED --------

hey all,

I'm gonna start a new competition , it's gonna be a second backstreet boys trivia. Like the last trivia the rules are simple ,every week i'm gonna ask you a question (or more than one) or something that you have to do. We gonna play this game till only one of you will be left.

to enter this contest you have to send an e-mail to with in the subject backstreet boys trivia and within the mail your forum name and number of your fanclub card.

hope you all join in this trivia!

We start with this Trivia on Juni 15the, hope you all sign in on our list and join us in the fun!!

The winner gets this backstreet boys video!

Backstreet Boys live in Concert

list of fans that gonna take the chalenge :



1: Which Backstreet boy went to the same college as Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC ?
-> Howie
2: These are some backstreet boys quotes, tell me who said these lines:"I'm a camera hostage" -> Nick Carter
"I used to sing to the trees." -> Kevin Richardson
"I'm married to these guys!" -> Brian Littrell
Bring on the women!" -> AJ Mclean
"I'm sick of gummi bears!" -> Howie D.

3: In which paper was the following ad placed:

Teen male vocalists: Producer seeks male teen singers that move well between 16-19 years of age. Wanted for New Kids-type singing/dance group. Send photo or bio' of any kind to….

-> The Orlando Sentinel

4: What was the name of the person Kevin played in Chicago?
-> Billy Flynn

5: What's the name of the next backstreet boys single and when is it comming out?

-> Inconsolable / august 27

6: What's the new album called?

-> Unbreakable

7: what's the funniest / most weird place the boys ever performed??

Re: BSB Trivia 2! try to defete your fellow BSB fans
« Reply #44 on Sept 13, 2007, 21:27 »

After a long thinkin i decided the contest is over. Linda (brokrocksmyworld) has won. She was the only one that gave me the right answer (the one i expected) wich was at a pet shop.

the answers i got from vienna and linda86 where also really weird and funny but i can't find any thing to prove they are right, they both answered the men's room (toillet)

and nell answered the hotel roof in brazil

I have to admit all weird places but i expected to hear the pet shop so i'm gonna give the honnor of winning to Linda.

Hope you girls don't mind




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