new Nick bulletin (Sept 12, 2007)

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new Nick bulletin (Sept 12, 2007) Empty new Nick bulletin (Sept 12, 2007)

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:05 am

Nick posted a new myspace bulletin:

From: Nick Carter

Date: Sep 12, 2007 4:57 AM
Body: K . So check it. Its been crazy busy for me lately. We've finally finished this album. whew... It took foreeeeever. But you know what ? It was def worth it. Its freaking great. I'm so excited to get it out and get on the road . Well it comes out October 30th. My favorite holiday. In fact. Its the only one . HALLOWEEN BABY.
So. the reason i wanted to talk to ya was because i wanted to tell you a couple of small things. First is . My MySpace is def under construction. Im gonna do some crazy things to it. So be prepared. Also BACKSTREET BOYS .COM is gonna be up soon. And when i tell u its gonna be the best site on the web . I MEAN IT ! You gotta check it out. HOT AS FIRE!!!!!! So one last thing cause i gotta run . Im going to eat sushi at GEISHA HOUSE with angel ( yayy sis!!!) Im gonna be performing at a club in COSTA MESA on the 22nd Called SHARK BAR. I'm gonna do a couple of songs for charity. ITS FOR CATS. Yayyy!!! meow. Ive been writing a song for my movie FAST GLASS. And i think im gonna do that one. Plus the new BSB single INCONSOLABLE. Now ill warn ya . Its only me. But were def gonna have some fun. Ok then . AGAIN AS ALWAYS i love ya . And You are awsome for all the support. freakin hungry. gotta run. ha ha



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