MissCarters FanFic: The Dreams In Your Life

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MissCarters FanFic: The Dreams In Your Life Empty MissCarters FanFic: The Dreams In Your Life

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:40 am

This Fanfic is from MissCarter and it was posted on the other board so i'm reposting it here.


Since a few months I’m busy with writing a story about the Backstreet Boys. Every time I’ve wrote a chapter I will put it in this threat. Do you have or just want to leave a comment, please give them in the REACTION - threat. If you like to read FanFics than keep your eyes open for updates.


Chapter One

Rachel is a girl and she’s 19 years old. She is from America, but lives with her aunt and uncle in Holland for a while. Meanwhile she follows the education for executive secretary and will have her final exams very soon. If she succeeds for her study, her aunt and uncle will pay her trip to America, so she can bring her mom a visit. But what she doesn’t know is that she will leave earlier than she thinks.

It was almost vacation and than Rachel would go to America. Her aunt and uncle will pay for this trip if Rachel succeeds for her education. When she got to hear that they would pay this trip she just couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She just couldn’t think about anything else ever since.

When Rachel told some friends at school what kinds of trip she was going to make, she already received some jealous glances. Some friends were very jealous and began to make stupid comments about it. Luckily Rachel didn’t mess up her school, because of the teasing. Slowly the vacation was coming closer, but not only the vacation the final exams too.

At home Rachel was learning very much, because she wanted to succeed for her study. She always said that she wanted to go back to her mom in America, but she never expected to get this beautiful gift from her aunt and uncle.

Finally the exams would begin today. She would only have 2 exams for today, but she couldn’t mess this up. The first exam was very easy but the 2nd exam was a little harder than she thought. After the 2nd exam she didn’t have a good feeling about it and she went home directly after it. The other exams who were giving in the same week were easier and Rachel was having a good feeling about it.

Several days later the phone was ringing and Rachel ran to the phone and picked it up. “Hello, this is Rachel speaking”, she said. “Grandma here, do you already have the results?”. At that moment she was fed up that here grandma was on the phone. She told her grandma that school could call in a few minutes and that she had to hung up and would give her a call when she had the results. After a while the phone rang again, this time she was very nervous and she had sweat in her hands. “Hello, this is Rachel", she stuttered. “Hi, Rachel, this is Mr. Gerritsen from school. How are you doing?”. She didn’t want to have a little conversation with her teacher, she just wanted to know the results. “Rachel, I want to you that…. You have succeeded for your education!!”. Rachel was screaming and thanked her teacher for calling. At the same moment everyone was running to the living room and knew Rachel had succeeded. Like she promised she called her grandma to tell her the good news.

Her uncle and aunt gave her the present where she was dreaming of for so long. Further they told her that she was leaving in about 2 days from now on, and that she was going to Miami, Florida where her mom was on vacation. Rachel directly knew that this would become the trip of her dreams.


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