hidden software on never gone ... ( May 27, 2006)

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hidden software on never gone ...  ( May 27, 2006) Empty hidden software on never gone ... ( May 27, 2006)

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Customers who bought music CDs containing hidden software will get free music in a deal approved Monday by a U.S. court.

Launched in November 2005, a class-action lawsuit alleged that international music label Sony BMG loaded CDs with anti-piracy software that was similar to a computer virus.

When consumers played the CDs on their computers, the lawsuit alleged, the programs left them vulnerable to hackers and allowed the company to surreptitiously track their listening habits.

The software was purportedly designed to stop illegal copying of music CDs. It was installed on albums by more than 50 popular artists, including Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, the Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Dido and the Backstreet Boys.
According to the settlement, which was tentatively approved in January, Sony must stop using the programs XCP and MediaMax.

Consumers who bought a CD containing the XCP software can receive a replacement disc that does not have the program. They will also have a choice between being able to download three albums free from Sony or receiving a cash payment of $7.50 US plus one free album download.

Customers who bought a CD containing the Media Max software are entitled to free album downloads.

More details are available at a website set up specifically for consumers to make claims as part of the settlement, and from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which represented the consumers in the lawsuit.

In a statement, Sony BMG said it was pleased with the final settlement.

According to these two articles:

http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&ct=us/2-0&fp=44737073c36bc02e&ei=h1VzRJ7oI7LsaeeW5ZEL&url=http%3A//today.reuters .com/business/newsarticle.aspx%3Ftype%3Dousiv%26storyID%3D2006-05-23T114839Z_01_N22418725_RTRIDST_0_BUSINESSPRO-MEDIA-SON YBMGMUSIC-DC.XML&cid=0

You can find out about filing a claim here:

source: backstreetteam

these are the backstreet boys cd's that are affected

Backstreet Boys Never Gone 82876696112 or D165187

Backstreet Boys Never Gone (Target) 82876705342

Backstreet Boys Never Gone (Walmart) 82876702442


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