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Milano,29-04-2008 sc review Empty Milano,29-04-2008 sc review

Post by Nell on Sun May 04, 2008 12:20 pm

i woke up at 4 am cause i had to catch a plane at 9 and i live no near the i woke up and caught the first to naples at 7 and caught a second to the airport at 8 and started waiting for my flight.while waiting i heard a pat on my shoulder and i was like "who can possibly be??",i turned and saw it was a friend of mine who was leaving on the same flight!!so weird how little the world is.we landed in milan at 10.40 and as soon as i turned my mobile on i got like tons of text messages telling me to go this way and that way cause the guys were almost getting to the took another bus to milan centre and there i got a taxi to the guys hotel.finally there i found all my friends and hugging them again was amazing!i really really love them.
i'm the pink sweater one
we waited there a bit and bam there they come!the guys looked tired,but not that much.they kept saying hi how are you and they all were sweethearts.once they arrived i went straight to my hotel cause i needed to leave my luggage and get a shower,but i did the wrong choice.after like a couple of hrs the guys went shopping and they stopped down the hotel for pics and autographs before leaving.i got to the hotel when there were only aj and nick left and aj had already taken pics,while nick's bg said he would later.i actually didn't believe it but eh....i went having lunch and then go back to the hotel,but weather wasnt the started raining and i had few clothes on so i started freezing!while being there we got news from ppl meeting the guys in via Montenapoleone,where all the high couture boutiques are,and eating ice cream in piazza Duomo.I actually didn't appreciate a lot of fans following them during their time off,being at the hotel was stalkerish enough for me lol
it was brian who got back first with his family but he didn't stop with us cause baylee was with him.while waiting i wrote on a banner nick party with us tonite and put it on a wall at the entrance.soon after a limo camo over and it was howie but there was a cab behind it and the cab stopped in front of the banner and i couldnt see well inside but i saw a man looking at the banner and laughing....i was like girls it's nick,and them "naaaaaaaah come here there's howie"...and i went on "it's nick here" and them naaaaaaah so i convinced myself it wasn't nick.i told ya i couldnt see well lol.while all the girls were paying attention to howie i kept looking at the cab and suddenly nick comes out!i was right!!so he came over for some pics and since i'm evil i let him pose with my friend and blocked him before clicking with the camera lol.he was smiling with my friend and i was like "sooo did you read the banner" and he made a sound similar to "ehm yes".so i didn't click and went on "and...." he kept smiling begging me to click and said i'm sorry no it was my turn for the pic and while taking the pic he rubbed my back and said sorry hun i'm already he went away and right after aj came back but he didnt stop.after that i was too tired and i decided to have dinner and go to bed.a lot of fans stayed there but to me seeing them all day was enough lol
after a sleepless night i woke up on the 29th to go to the line,even if i had won sc,but my friend hadnt so i went with her.unfortunately it was a shitty day,raining all day so i left my friend in the line and stayed into a cafe all 4 pm got prepared and went to the will call for the sc.unfortunately the guys were extremely late and we were let in only at 5.30 pm.we were more than mad!!!sc lasted only 10 mins but i got to ask my question to aj,which is are you coming to italy?and he said he is in talks with the alcatraz in milan for a concert there so fingers crossed i cant wait!!aj wasn't feeling good and he kept touching his waist feeling pain,so i asked him what happened and he said he got two ribs hurt cause he slipped on the floor.i hope he's ok,poor baby.during the sc they sang ebm,tmr,aow and hwss.not bad lol
they also sang a little piece of an r'n'b song written by nick for their new album,i loved it
then it was pictures time,time where the idiot me came out.Marcus were there saying vips in a line winners in another line,so i'm like which line should i go?and he goes let me see pointing at my t shirt....ok what's weird with that?previous episode:during the sc i had a strip top and a sweater on thatthe sweater was opened and the top was gone on the you couldnt see the top,but you could see my bra!i was kinda embarassed so i had an italian flag on my chest not to be noticed.when marcus kept pointing and asking i was weirded out cause i only had my visible bra on my i was like what do you want to see?and he kept saying let me see and me no and him come on and i was like do you want to see my boobs??and he shouted hell noooo!your sticker!!!and started laughing!i was more than embarassed!i was red all over the i let him see the sticker and he was like oh the boobs! -.- no way dudeee!!lol
ok first embarassing turn for the pic,i was in the last group,i was tired and stressed so i went towards the guys,opened my arms like a diva and went :"hello dears" aj looked at me like this . and then hugged me!so i said hey and the kiss? and Q said no kiss.aj and nick were like :come on it's just a kiss,and Q kept saying no,so i put my tongue out and started prrrrrrrrrr like this!gosh what the heck i think!!!nick started laughing and imitating me,he was like howiee did you see that she did prrr and all the guys went on doing prrrr during the i told howie i'm sorry but i had no sleep last night and he was like ohhh me too we partied until 5 am..... -.- i couldnt sleep cause my bed was awful lol anyway i said bye to them and they kept saying:bye prrrrrrr
i'm a clown for them now lol!
since the guys were late,vips were brought to the backstage to take the individual pic so first row space was empty and they let us take our spot.

second concert,first row again yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Milano,29-04-2008 sc review Empty Re: Milano,29-04-2008 sc review

Post by diuz on Tue May 13, 2008 11:26 pm

great story. And Q gggrrrr stupid man


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