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Post by Admin on Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:58 pm

- Don't post any personal information on the boys. No cell phone numbers, e-mail adresses, ... It can be exiting to tell everyone what you know but don't do it. In most cases you are dealing with a poser and if not then the guys would want you to keep the information to yourself. If you know them, nice for you but this isn't the place to talk about it unless u can give proof.

- Respect other fans. Ok you can share your opinion with us, like everyone else but don't critisise others for there opinion and don't post things that can hurt other people.

- Don't post jokes on the boys, this can start rumors and we don't want that!

- If you have a problem with someone contact a moderator or solve it in a pm

- try to make your text readable for everyone

- don't post any pornographic things, you will be deleted immidiatly, if you see that someone did that please report it to one of the moderators!

- We are not responsible for the things that other people write!

- Moderators can also post there own rules on there boards so if there are rules there look for them and keep you on them!

- Please wright in correct english, especially in the titles so everyone can understand you, in the topics it's not that important, i can understand that your english isn't that good , mine isn't always good eather.

- if you think there is need to more rules contact one of the moderators, they can post them inhere then!


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